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Hawaiian Owned Aloha Kayak Co. is permitted to land at Captain Cook Monument

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Big Island Kayak Tour Guides, Kailua Kona Snorkeling to Kayaking Kealakekua Bay, Kayak Tours or Kayak Rentals:

Kealakekua Bay and Captain Cook Monument Tours

The #1 rated kona kayak service, is also one of the only licensed tour guides for Kealakekua Bay and Captain Cook Monument tours. A unique Big Island Tour that is not only exciting, but educational.

Keauhou Kona Tours: Morning, Afternoon, and Night

Keauhou offers easy access to people on tight schedules in the Kona area. We have morning tours to sea caves and cliffs, short afternoon tours with great snorkeling, and night time manta ray tours!

Our Tours provide kayak & snorkel instruction, knowledge of natural history, gear, guide, drinks & snacks. We serve the whole Kona Coast specializing in Manta Ray Snorkel Tours, Kealakekua Bay Snorkeling and Keauhou Sea Caves. We have recently expanded, and now not only do day and night tours, but camping trips all along the Kona Coast.

We have permits for all our tours, so if you are taking a tour a permit is not needed.

We are located in the small town of Honalo 3 and ½ miles north of the turn off to Kealakekua Bay.

Our business is located at its original location @ 79-7248 Mamalahoa Hwy across the street from Teshima’s Japanese restaurant.

Just south of the 114 mile marker, on Mamalahoa Highway(Hwy 11)(SEE MAP)

We started business at this location in 1998 and we are proud to still be in business today after all the ups and downs of today’s economy, 9-11

etc... and be the #1 Ranked Kealakekua Bay - Kailua Kona Kayak Company.

Big Island born and a true Kona Boy, Owner Iwa K. T. Kalua has spent his entire life living and learning the local ways here in Hawaii. A proud Hawaiian entrepreneur, certified lifeguard and Big Island Kayak enthusiast. With thousands of hours of guiding experience. Join Iwa ,His Family and his well trained guides as they share the vast history,culture and deep hidden beauty that can only be visualized with the narration of our certified and knowledgeable staff.

“I was managing Kona Boy's Kayaks in the early 90's,when I realized that I had more to offer visitors than the normal kayak experience. My love and respect for the ocean and the ”Big Island” drove me to start my venture in this Big Island Kayak industry just almost two decades ago. With education as our tool, and preservation as our mission let me and my staff show you a unique kayaking experience at one of the local bays here on the Island.”

Snorkel in cobalt blue & emerald green waters with 100' visibility! Amazing varieties of tropical fish, beautiful coral & giant sea turtles! Its Like swimming in the "Biggest aquarium in the world!"

We also look for manta rays, spinner dolphins & humpback whales depending on the season.

With respect for the Aina first and its users second. With education as our tool we can and will accomplish our goals: Protect the areas that we explore while providing vital information for safety to the visitors and residents of the Big Island.

Reminder: Permits are required to land at Kealakekua bay if you rent a kayak. But you don't need one if you take a tour with Aloha Kayak Co

Side note /Tip : There are a number of illegal kayak bootleggers that sit at numerous places through out the island. Primarily Kealakekua bay. These individuals are shady, they give alias names and operate under a cash only basis. If something goes wrong there is no one to blame but your self. As a visitor you do not want to be swindled in to renting a kayak or any water craft from "Some Guy". Do it the right way find a legal business with a store front. We have seen people who rent from illegals with no education,sink literally. We have seen fire rescue helicopters save peoples lives who rent from these individuals. But if you want to put your lives in the hands of some unemployed waiter or landscaper who is just renting kayaks to make a quick buck ! Go for it, It's your life ! Be smart choose a legal rule following, safety oriented , lifesaving trained company - ALOHA KAYAK CO. We care about you and your safety !!

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Kealakekua Bay and Captain Cook Monument Tours
The Best Kona Kayak Snorkel Tour, one of the only guided tours for Kealakekua Bay and Captain Cook Monument tours with permits to land. Big Island Tour that is not only exciting, but educational.
Keauhou Kona Tours: Morning, Afternoon, and Night
Keauhou offers easy access to people on tight schedules in the Kona area. We have morning tours to sea caves and cliffs, short afternoon tours with great snorkeling, and night time manta ray tours!
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Moratorium on Kayaks and Kealakekua Bay Permit
The Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) is taking action at Kealakekua Bay by initiating a moratorium, starting Jan. 2, 2013. All Kealakekua Bay permits are effected
The Best Big Island Kayak Tour: New 5 Hour Kealakekua Bay Tour
Aloha Kayak Co., the Best Big Island Kayak company now offers a new 5 hour Kealakekua Bay tour, with extra landing time at the Captain Cook Monument
Kealakekua Bay New Snorkel rental shop and Historical gallery
Aloha Kayak Co.s new location down Napoopoo Rd, in Kealakekua Bay will be the closest rental facility to Kealakekua bay with cold drinks and shaved ice .

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