Kona, Keauhou, and Kealakekua Bay Tide Charts and Information

Kona, Keauhou, and Kealakekua Bay Tides are almost the one and the same although at times the heights and times can vary.

Aloha Everyone, This is Iwa -Owner Operator of Aloha Kayak Co. I want to remind you about the difference that the tide levels can make in getting in and out of the water. This can seriously affect your launching and landing in many areas of Hawaii.

Also keep in mind that as the tides change there may be added surge levels.

Tip: Kealakekua Bay is one those places affected by the tides. You would prefer Low tide going out and High tide while returning off the Napoopoo wharf.

Reminder: always inspect your entry and exit points before approaching.

To Help Plan Your Trip Click On the Link in The Tide Chart and Search the Dates For the Days You Are Here

For More Kona, Keauhou, and Kealakekua Bay Tide Information and All Hawaii Tides Follow this link

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