November 1, 2012 Memorable experience kayaking and snorkeling at Kealakekua Bay

by Rowena Athey
(Seattle, WA)

My sister and I were a bit apprehensive to do a tour requiring water skills since we're both inexperienced. But after searching different tour groups on line, I felt comforted by the description of the tour offered by your company. If 82 year olds can do it, surely we could (both in our 40's). Another factor was that you offered a $ "special." Couldn't turn down a good deal. Plus the duration of the tour of 3.5 hours, (many of the other tours I checked online were much shorter), was also an incentive. I must admit, I was not disappointed. Our tour guide took a personal interest in us, making sure our snorkel gear was the appropriate fit. He also kindly offered to help us use the gear since it was our first time to snorkel as well. Once I got the hang of it, I was thoroughly enthralled by the abundant tropical marine life, all for my viewing pleasure!
It was an added bonus to listen to our tour guide share fascinating stories and history details of the area. I also appreciated the snacks provided, especially the juicy sweet pineapple. The kayaking part was fun as well, it was nice being one on one with the water, unlike being on a big boat.
I'm happy I chose this tour, and next time, I won't be as apprehensive, because I've gained a bit more confidence and experience in water sports thanks to you.

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LAYANAN KONSUMEN : 089 - 503 - 576- 556
BBM : 2A8BB82B

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